Mission statement - Dutch-Belgian Mycosis Study Group
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Mission statement


Invasive fungal infections are a life-threatening disease. These infections typically occur in patients who become immunocompromised as a result of their underlying disease (e.g. leukemia, AIDS) or owing to the immunosuppresive therapy they receive to allow for organ transplantation or to treat an autoimmune disease.


An increasing number of patients is receiving immunosuppresive therapy. Consequently, the number of patients at risk for invasive fungal infections is increasing year after year.


Without the close collaboration of hospitals in charge of these patients, the study of epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of invasive fungal infections is impossible.


The Dutch Belgian Mycosis Study Group (DB-MSG) aims to facilitate collaboration and research on invasive fungal infections by bringing Dutch and Belgian clinicians and researchers together with a common interest in these infections.